About Studio Phi


Everybody's got a story…

Studio Phi is a tattoo and design studio in downtown Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Previously named Sacred Balance, Studio Phi was rebranded 5 years ago to better suit our growing style and philosophy. Sacred Balance was opened in 2005 by a talented collective of artists that believed making a personal connection with each client is the only way to tattoo and create a community.

Studio Phi is a group of creative thinkers & artists, we understand that every tattoo creates an impactful memory and in turn will impact each client. We have a diverse range of styles, which allows us design any custom tattoo idea. We are experts in our field, always learning and staying ahead of the trends and industry standards.

We want to ensure our clients have a great experience all the way through, from the intention behind the pieces, to how we design each tattoo, to every interaction with our staff and even the physical environment. We strive to create a relaxed, inclusive and comfortable atmosphere, emphasizing the importance of the tattoo experience and long term connection with your tattoo.

A tattoo is a permanent art piece, and our responsibility is to educate our clients so they feel empowered to make decisions about their lifelong investment in a tattoo. Creating lasting art that you will love, every day! We take the time to care for our clients and believe any tattoo is creating a very meaningful experience, from start to finish.

We welcome walk-ins, cover-ups, and custom designed tattoos! Book your tattoo appointment today and see the difference at Studio Phi.