Frequently asked questions

Have questions about your new tattoo? We want you to feel comfortable and empowered to make decisions about your tattoo! Each tattoo piece is a lifelong investment, and it's our responsibility to make sure you are confident in your tattoo! 

What do i need to know before my First Tattoo?

Having a clear concept is extremely important. Reference materials are a bonus and will help our artists design the best tattoo for you. Don’t rush the process and don't overthink it. Don’t over complicate your tattoo concept - keep it simple. Don’t try to cram every idea into one tattoo. Check this video out

How Much will my tattoo Cost?

Minimum price of a tattoo is $120,  with an hourly rate at $160 - $180 dependant on artist. Small, quick and simple, tattoos are priced at $120. Our costs include all set up, supplies, concept, consultation & design. We ask for a minimum deposits of $100. 

Where is your tattoo going?

If this is your first tattoo, be conscious of the placement. Certain areas of the body can be more sensitive and therefore painful. Make sure you are confident with the placement of your tattoo and that it fits with your lifestyle - a face or hand tattoo may not be suitable for your very first piece.

What's Your cancellation  Policy?

 When we get to the point of taking a deposit, this is your commitment to the project. In the case of cancellation, deposits are non-refundable. We ask for at least 24 hours in advance in order to reschedule. Communication is key, we understand that life happens - so let us know with as much advance as possible so we can plan accordingly.

What else do i need to know?

  • You are more than welcome to bring a support buddy. But please do not bring your entire family. It distracts the artists and tends to hurt more.

  • Have a full belly is a great start before your tattoo – this will help you to last the duration of your appointment. We also suggest that you have some natural sugars, since your body will use up your blood sugar.

  • Ibuprofen or anti-inflammatories can also help, we suggest taking them a few days before to help with any inflammation.

  • Avoid heavy stimulants like caffeine or cannabis - this might make you more tense and more sensitive.

  • Alcohol can thin your blood and make you nauseous. We will not tattoo you if you are wasted.

Tattoo AfterCare

Taking care of your tattoo is important, check our out Aftercare Sheet for more info!

Tattoo Touch Ups?

Typically a tattoo needs at least 4 - 6 weeks to heal, everyone heals at a different rate and based on colour density. Touch ups are completely normal. We touch up our tattoos for free! 

Cover up Tattoos?

We are happy to do cover ups! Be prepared to be flexible with the design, we’ll need to adjust it based on the original tattoo. We can discuss options during your consultation - bare in mind that a coverup is more of a camouflage.